Horse racing is considered to be the “King of Sports” because traditionally it has been a sport that has largely been patronised by Royalty and the aristocrats. Today, no such boundaries remain even though the glitz and glamour linked to the sport remain and at any race day afternoon, it is as much about the thoroughbreds racing as it is about flaunting the latest in style and fashion.

There is and always has been a certain aura and awe about horse racing because of its exclusivity. This is one reason why our blog spot is guaranteed to capture the attention and interests of readers and visitors to the site.

What makes our site attractive is the tenor of the blogs. No, our blog site is not devoted to merely news and information from race tracks around the world. Neither do we offer tips and odds on races. Instead what we do is to go behind the scenes of horse racing and focus on aspects that will be as informative to the pundits of the sport as it will be for beginners and dummies.

Our site basically deals with two angles – the first is horse racing and the second is betting without which much of the attractions of horse racing will be lost for the common person.

So far as horse racing is concerned, blogs on our site will take readers to the origins of horse racing and its different forms. For instance few know that apart from track racing, jump racing and endurance racing are hugely popular too. Our write-ups will also have information of the major races from around the world and details of breeds of race horses.

Simultaneously we also have blogs on the finer aspects of betting on race horses and how to calculate payoffs and odds. These will be truly enlightening for newcomers to the sport.

Visit our site for a firsthand look into the world of horse racing and betting.